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Innovative Methods of Stormwater Control

We asked our Engineering Interns (EI’s), Michael and Kyle, to give us some feedback on the “Innovative Methods of Stormwater Control” article written by Mr. E.W Bob Boulware, PE in The Military Engineer magazine. Both Kyle and Michael graduated with a BS in Biological and Agricultural Engineering from N.C. State University. After reading their responses it is clear that there are a multitude of ways to look at new methods for stormwater control.

Some feel this is a great article that shows the numerous ways that to manage stormwater in many different locations and situations. There are a wide variety of new ways to combat stormwater and as we continue to expand out and build in new locations, innovative stormwater management may be the key to efficiently managing stormwater and protecting the environment as well as our assets.

While others believe that the more traditional methods are often overlooked and underestimated, the traditional practices are traditional for a reason…they work. They have proven themselves to be both functional and economical over the test of time. Contractors are familiar with the installation of these practices, and have a solid understanding of where issues that can affect performance frequently arise during the installation process. This obviously gives us more comfort as designers. These innovative practices can often be installed incorrectly simply because contractors and inspectors don’t have as much experience with them. This can lead to failures of the system and a lot of hassle. This isn’t to say there aren’t contractors and inspectors who have gained certifications to prove their competency with these new practices, but again, you’re paying for that associated comfort.

Our design team prides itself on striking a balance between innovative and traditional methods to provide our clients with the highest quality and most cost-effective designs.