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Project Details

Oak Island is a barrier island located off the coast of North Carolina.

The town, in partnership with Brunswick County Utility Department, was able to extend the existing service area to include all areas that were not currently served by the Oak Island system.

This project enabled existing lots that would not support an on-site septic system to be built on and developed. This project also provided a municipal system to areas that had relied on septic systems that were expensive to maintain and operate.

Due to the size, the project was split into several different parts that allowed multiple prime contractors to work simultaneously on the project.

Cape Fear Engineering worked closely with the Oak Island Public Works Department, the Brunswick County Utility Department, the design firm and the prime contractors from the beginning of construction to project close out. A project of this magnitude required weekly and monthly meetings to coordinate the installation of the improvements during the peak tourist season. Road closings were minimized and all work including layout and field engineering was coordinated and scheduled to allow for continued access to all areas.


Numerous existing utility conflicts had to be identified early in the project and adjustments to the design were proposed and submitted for approval. In order to keep the project on schedule, these adjustments had to be identified and approved in a short time frame.

Responsibilities + Solutions

Cape Fear Engineering was responsible for layout and construction staking for the proposed sewer lines, vacuum stations, force-mains and pump stations.

Cape Fear Engineering also provided construction assistance to the prime contractors by taking and preparing official minutes of all field meetings as well as providing up to date field as-builts which the contractors utilized during construction to coordinate and inventory improvements for verification of pay request amounts.

Cape Fear Engineering’s GIS Department provided a complete inventory of all installed improvements including all lines, valves, bends, tees, lifts, vacuum stations, service locations, force-mains and pump stations. All horizontal and vertical information was collected and input into Oak Island’s GIS Database using a data dictionary that also included many other attributes associated with the improvements. The GIS information was created in ArcView software that enabled this information to be utilized for the as-built drawings that were supplied to the team. These as-builts were used to verify project compliance as well as final certifications.