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Our Commitment to Preservation, Protection, Stabilization and Rehabilitation of NC’s Coastal Estuaries

Along our North Carolina coast, estuarine shorelines are eroding in response to the interaction of storms and rising sea-levels. Submerged aquatic vegetation health and replenishment are critical to the protection and stabilization of our coastline.

Over the past several years, CFE has teamed with our partners to install multiple wave attenuator systems along our NC coastline.  Water Attenuator Systems (WAS) are a series of linear devices that slow waves and reduce their energy in order to help reduce erosion of shorelines.  Our expert team of surveyors utilize a variety of techniques to execute these projects, including unmanned surface vehicle boats with sonar technology to produce hydrographic surveys.

Strategic placement of these Water Attenuator Systems has allowed growth and replenishing of submerged aquatic vegetation, important to filter and store nutrients to improve water quality and mitigate seafood contamination as well as protecting our coastlines from the constant threat of erosion.

Look at the impressive impact this particular WAS has had on the Pamlico Sound, where over the course of several years, its evident that the seagrasses and other vegetation has been able to grow and thrive behind the protection of the wave attenuator system we helped put in place.