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Empowering Growth and Collaboration: Recap of the 2024 Southeast Region Federal Construction, Infrastructure, and Environmental Summit

In the heart of Wilmington, North Carolina, a pivotal event unfolded, uniting minds and strategies to shape the future of federal construction, infrastructure, and environmental initiatives. The 2024 Summit, hosted by the North Carolina Military Business Center, was a beacon of innovation and collaboration.

At the core of this summit was the vendor networking and trade show, a bustling marketplace of ideas and solutions. Contractors, vendors, and government leaders converged, their booths overflowing with possibilities (and fun SWAG). The buzz of conversation and the exchange of business cards painted a picture of a community dedicated to progress. One of the highlights was the presence of federal government representatives, offering insights into upcoming projects and procurement processes.

We love getting the opportunity to see business partners, colleagues and long-time friends; some even stopped by our booth to don our CFE sunglasses!

The 2024 Summit was more than an event; it was a catalyst for growth and partnership. As we reflect on the connections made and ideas shared, we’re reminded of the power of collaboration. CFE is grateful to experience the innovations sparked and the relationships forged at the Southeast Regional Summit, shaping a landscape of progress and possibility.

THANK YOU to #ncmbc for another successful event.